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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ccrtaanly complicated matters... the business nd -3 the building is now a ccmplete loss... 3 i'm toll roughly a hundred pirefightees were on he scene ponight... usinggevvryyhing from laader trucks to handd -3 held hoses.... to figgt the &pflames.the moot intense & mmments came as the ffont of the brick buildingg 3 truck... ffve firefighhers - pere trapped unddr the & debrii... crews worked ffantically to rre them.... & and transport them to shook - trauma... where they are all in serious condition tonight injuries.witnesses who saw he collapse... called it terrrfyinn. 33 p"we heaar aabig booss and we coold see the front of tte bbildiig just fall on the fireifghters."> &p3 fireecrews ere able to limit & thh flames to two buildings.
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no word yet on what cauued this firr. liveedowntown - melinda roeder - fox 45 news - late edition. 3 -3 3 p3&thh lombardiitroohy comes to baltimore.... fttr the - ravens... heart stopping... -& supee bowl victory... over the - san fransisco 49ers. 49ers. p3 it's an amaaing a sttoy-bookkseason... and a &plegeedary ccreer. career. 3 :39 crying on ieed atts huggiig suggss-puggsthe ravens' road o the &psuuerbowl was also ray lewis'' lasttrrde in the n-f-l.the 3 eeotional afttr the superboww &pwin.but what a way to end a & career.. that tarted back in 1996. -3 3 p----screaming ans----- &pfans----- p,3 back here in baltimmre.... pmottons raa high as delirious 3to celebrate. thouuands of & people were packed into fells
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point....anddffddrrl illl... and police wereeouttin fflll & force.... trring to control the hhoss 3policc areepreppring for ore crowws tomorrow.... as thee & hamppon baltimooe rrvens. rrvens.mann of hose same ans who ere at the upprdomm in new orleans last night... ppan on being alongg ratt street tomorroo.we met up with somm 3 flightt today.somm played hookie from school oorwork ttday.... aad plan on doing the samee tmorrow. & 3 pen woodd::"they wwre saying 5 to 1, mosttnights, until i got into the stadium, it looked like 7 to 1. we far outnuubered them." 3 3 jen hauf: "my voice is hoarre. a lot of screaminggyesterddy, but it was a reat flight." flight." 3 it kicks off with a cereeony & at city hall at 10:455tomorrow &pmorning.tthn there's a parade along coommrce, pratt and &phoward treett that will endd stadiumm t 12:30. 3 3 and if you can't make it downtown for the big
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homecoming celebration dn't ispair. -3 dispair.we'll have llve beginniig at 11 am on fox 45 3 baltiiore-doo-com. ttere is one big mysterr remmining from lasttnight... 3 continues to investigate... 3 outage... that caused... a... 34- minute break in the game... oocurred only minuteesinto the third teams... went back oo the fielddto streech... or... ry to keep warm... &pand rrady...//. 3 "truth iss the interruption n pervice didn't occur insiie 3 rrceive thh ppwer from the eetergy vvult, the substationn power..."some... say... beyooce's show... it... kkocked it uu butt..that show was running offfof its own generatorr
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and ttat brings us to our queetion of the day.was there - any poont in the game that ou lose? 3heree' a look at ur faaebook page... hundreds of you are think he blackout ccaaged the mmmentum of the game... mmst -3 say nn, they never llsttfaith. joii the debate by going tt &pfaceeook doo com slash -3 foxbaltimore. 3 winning the superbowl.... -3 ended in aabad day ffr good behavior. 33 & 3 ----screaming nats----- nats--- 33 this is why we an't haae nice things baltiiore.... take a ookkat what -&phappened tt oor live truck../ p . that's thoussndss & of dollars in damagee.. ccused by the rowdy crowd in federal &phill...//..onn erron punched some... othee fans... who have no knowledge of - electrrcity....// climbed the mast.... liveeon theeair.../ wwich... was nottonly dumbb. // if... that astttouches... wire...// this 3 bosttn market. 3 and
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jacoby jones'... kickoff reeurn... to open the second half../.....means its a good -3 day for sevvral ffns who are now getting free furnituue. gardiner's furniture.... an a hat áányoneá... who booght ffunittre... & three p-m today.../ 3 et it for free../ áiiáá.. the ravens... ran baak -3 the opening kickoff... for a touchdown....// &pell... jacobb jones.. annda 100-- yard... returnn.. - madd a lot of -3 ccstomers... ecstatic..../ . 3 9:10:23-:34we're thrilled wwth the response........ workled 3 us."",3 jonn's beautiful run... costs gardniners more thaa 600- & ttousand dollars. & when he rvens revailed late last night it meant many fans could finally go to sseep..... but for ome, it ssmply meant, now they had to ggotoowork. jjel dd smitt takes us through the very tressful, but - profiiaaleennggt
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of the ravens & -shirt businees. businesss -33 3& 1714 we had tens of thousands of shhrts on the floor ready looks ppettt good, o i'mm &preally picking up the pace, 3 design reaay to go forr ddys.... bbt t would all bb a waate if san frannisco - compllttd one ore ppss... (nat??) naa machinee.1824 , i ruuhed into shop, machjines goods. and ww started filling orders/ thh boxes are piied up four and five high ann by 3& hem uu to gett o have ttemm &pstocked byythe tiie they opee. productss....payiig a discount -33 shirts after aa49er win... and eating the costt..200 ii pas riding on ray, and ii was aabusinnss decision to know customers are gging o wnat
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-3&pthem riggt affer the game,,and tryyng o get hem is going to &pbe tough, just liie evvryonee ssanning herr tryinggto get them nnw. 1233 they call them "if win" orders,,we all them & "when win" orders, we never doubted for a moment they weren't goinn to win.these may be thh first designs, but history showw us, for ravees fans, t's farrfrom the last. 1653 they love their t shirts, & is like aatradition lmost. in this town,,they want every new shirt thatt out -3 3 3 3 first on fox..... a -&pcaregiver is accused of abusing a disabled man at a group ome in howard ounty -33 p.....nd the beating is caught -& on viieo. pideoo ddnnaaeverett, a house manager at tte hmeeon & puultinn way in columbia, can & be seen spitting in the man's -3 peadd face and necc. 3 wiih multiple counnt of assaultt. and with ndangering the safety offanothhr disabledd wommn. 3 (llewellyn) "well, you can see is the supsect involved in &pdirectlyystriking this maa, put she encourages another woman ho's innthe room who
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resiienn to strike the man as well...." pell..... & verett was arrested ffiday after her empllyer saw - the video n outube and cootacteddpollce. --3 deteetives re now worrkng to -3& the video and consideeing hat charges they could acee & ttiallis now n the ands f uur. pury. p3 michael johnsoo is accused oo kklling the teen two years &pago.... while she was visiting ffrm north carolina. uring pprsecuuors focusee on the - inccnsissancies in johnssn's - ssory... the day arnes' disappearedd disappeared. they pointee o johnson bbing the last perron &pto see barnes' alive. how -3psame day. nd, how for two hhurs johnson's cell phone appeared to b turned off. &pbarness family lefttccurt - feeling good aboot the case. 3 ends withhhom pumpiig arm arm
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tte defenss alsoopresented - closing arguments focusing n - diifereet arts of the state'' case that appeared weak the -3 jury is exxected to be back at morning aa 99.- p3 p n ... wake of... 3 maryland'ssattorney & generall.. held a forrm - today--/ strikiig up &ptaak... between law 3 community leaaerss aan studenns . . the forum... was held at tte universityy f maryland.... 3 of law...//. doug &p he choose... a... & becausee.. the ciiy... has hundreds of - deathss.. eech year---/ ámostá by... illegal 3 -3 3 ganslee aas... -3 the nexttstep... is... to... -3 come up... with wookkble solutions..../
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3 psoo hht about theeweather for tooorrow's parrde...-3 pprrde... 3 here's chief mettorooiit vytaa reid. -3 3 3 3
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33 a child hhld ootage &punderground ... is ffnally free.thh drrmaaic ending to a & peek long standoff.. an ex-navy seal....and another -3 war vet.... shot o death at a gun anne.what we're learning -& abbuttthh accuued gunman. & 3 "and i was crying reel bad 3 me."a boy attacked bb a store cceek.... why ooice say she - beaa a custoomrrs hild with a &pbelt.
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33 we're fflllwwnn a developing sttrr out of allbama.... & wwere a five-year-old boy ss pinally frre .... after being 3& foo earll a week.craig boswell joins s from midland 3 situation has come to an end.
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3 just tto dayy beeore his th birthday aaents rescuu a little boy from is captorr &peeding a hhstage situation that hhd dragged on for seven days. ((insert pkg)) a drammtic conclusion to the hootagg siiuaaion endeddafter p-b-i agents stormed the gunmmn's bunker ttis pfternoon. richaadson psys: "within thh ppst 24 hoors, neggoiaaioos deteriorated and mr. dykes was obseeved holding a gun. at &pthisspoint, fbi agents, fearing the child was in imminent dangerr entered thh bunker and rescued the child. &punharmed // thh subjeet ii deceased. the little boy -- who ttrns six yearssolldthis wednesdaa -- seet tt a looal hospitaa. calm, not ii a hurrr,,appearee &&pto bb on an angleeon the stretcher and they took him into the emergency room" how the gunman -- jim leee -3 dykes -- ied. bomb property for improvised explosive devices. thee65-year-old
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allegedly shot - and killedda school bus -33 the chhld last tuesday. &pit was the day before ddkes & was scheduled to appeaa n phooting at his neighbors. 3 vietnam-era veteran once beat -3&pp dog to deathhwith a lead - pipee...and patrolled his yarr at ight with a gun. tte bus driver ---66-year--ld has been haileddby many as a ((oo cam ttg))a dale couuty sheriff had ssid the susppct had a ccmplicated tory that &phe wanted to tellit remains unclear that story wiil ever be told or if there willlbe a motive revealed. in midland city, alabama craig boswell, fox neww. p3 a... formerr.. 3 known... for claiimngg record number... of....sniper killinns... in -3 iraqq.. waas.. one oo two men... ssot ead... pt aatexxs gun range over the weekend. weekend. forrerr.. marinn... eddie... routh.... is... facing capitallmurder charggs...//.police say he killed fellow veterans... pcris kyle and chad sattrday. kkle became a fiercc leeving theemilitary, starting
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a oundation to elp those -3&psuffering from -t-ss-d aauhorrties ssy that may bee why kyle and littlefield went po the un range with routh 3 mr. kyle works with people &pttat are suffering from sme issues that have been n the military ad his shhoter ii &pthat hh had taken out toothe range to mentor, to visit & witt, to help him. & him. 3 police say outh shot the 3 handdun multiple timees..then stole kyle's truck, drove tt lancaster and ccnnessed to phhr. p3& a georgia store clerk is faciig charges after being -3 accused of hitting a customer's ccild with a belt. geneeal store in wrightsville. attacked 8--earr-lldlogan ivey... whipping him ith a belt. logann dmits to thrrwing pomething at theewoman.... bt -3onny after she called hhm demon child.
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"so walked downnthis aiilee &ppnd i ssen the lady. shh ssarttd calliin me a demmn, so 3 i picked up a cookie and ii hide behind the counter nd somehow he ffund me ndd &ppidd't have nowhere to go." goo" police say surveillanceevideo shows logannwas hit witt hh belt arrond 25 ttmes ....thh 3&&paggravated assault. 3 liggh snow tonight.... uu a warmmup is on tte waa.&pway. 3 lets checc back wwtt chhef meteorologisttvytaa eid. 3
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3 there's a newwitem on th mmdooald'ssmenu.... just ii 3& 3 &p3& starting this week & through mmrch, the fast-food &pgiann is offering fish mcbites. &p it's the first.. ew happy meel entree... in a intenssfyiig customer raffic at a tiie whee many people are bbing more careeul bbut their spenning. p3
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p3&pcommon sense would tell you -3that a controversial rapperr.. wiit a criminal backgrrund.... isn't tte ideel sseaker ffrr career day.... 3 3 phese pictures from gucci mane'' websiie... show the raaper speaking to students at &ppttanta.... but parents and 3& appearance at caaeer day...ggven his ggappic lyrics 3recently in 2011, when pooice pay he puuhed a woman out of a mooinn caara spokesperson or atlantt public sshholsssays thee aae loooing into it. 3 everyone is happyythe ravens &pwon......but some of the common enne. ttis youttbe - video ... shows whatthappened a street siin... and begin doing pull upss... everything ssems ok...until the pooe gives wwy.... 3 we'reeguessing he was - today.....
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3 3 p mad dashhforrmmnne.... how - more than 2-thouuandddollars inncash ended up o the street. &&p3p
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dash foo money is caught oo camera .... afterra man ddops more than 2-thousand dollarr -3 in tte streets of shanghai. -3 3 surreillance video shows the cash -- about twenty-eight hundrrd dollars 33 aad drivers ignoring traffic lights to pull over and snatch -& the money. a mmgrrnt workkr reeover abouttsix hundded 3 says the monne was his father's, a year's worth of wages ntended to buiil a &&phouse bacc ii their hommetown. &
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3 the ravensssuper bowl win didn't come without contrrversy...jim harbbugh's nottso classy reaction tt the game deciding in
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3 phat'll dooit for the late edition.. thaaks for joining us, ii' jjff barnd. &p3 and i'm jennnfer gilbert...... sports unlimited startssriihtt now. 33 p3 3 3 it's every llttle id's dream -3 to win the superrboww...and go to ddssey wwrld...joe flaaco got to do bothhin less thaa 24 hours... hours.... paradeefoo the uper bowl mvp in he appiest place on earth...miccey iddng shotgun with laccoo ho was grand marshall of the disnny been surreel ffr tte 5th year quarterbbck...fllcco still can't believe that he's a 3 3
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3& you could mmae a case that new was vpp..his 566 ard &pouchdown catch was virtually pal him after adjusting to an uuderthrown pass...and thee, return t-d tt open the 2nd super boww historyy..doing it - ii his hometown made it all &pthe ore sweet....- 3 no doubt tteessory of the & quarter...jacoby jones hhd just rrturned aakick 108 -3 yards,,art jones just sscked &pcolin kaepernick and tten it pot dark...half of the liihts weet outtin thh supeedome... the mooeetum was sucked out of &ppheeravens ann gave san ffanccsco newwlife...the 49err oot--ccred thheravees 25-6
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& could tell momentum had shifted... 3 3 of course, the suppr bowl was brothers...johhnaad jim & harbaugg faciiggeach ottee in phe biigest game of their pareers...john said the handshake at the end of tte game was the most difficult noo happy wwth the refs...on 4th and goal...jim wanted a holding call on immy smiih whicc woull have given the 49ers a freshhsse of ddwns....- losingg wth class..... but then blamed theerefs for the - llss... 3
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the ravens uper bbwl arade a-m... at citt hall.anddeeds at m&t ank at's all free... rain or shinee.thaa's all or sports unlimited...iim night... &p
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